About Berhampur

Berhampur is a city which is situated in the eastern coastline of the district of Ganjam in the state of Odisha. It was now known as Brahmapur, also nicknamed as "The Silk City". It is famous for its intricately designed silk saris which are called ‘Brahmapuri Patta’. Berhampur is about 169 kilometers south of the state capital of Odisha that is Bhubaneswar . Due to the tremendous growth of industries here, Berhampur attracts people from all corners, which give it a diversified culture.

About Berhampur

According to the census data of 2011 the population of this city is about 355,823 which makes it the fourth most populated urban city in the State of Odisha. Berhampur is rapidly turning into a well- developed and modern city with lots of potential when it comes to economic growth. Berhampur is well connected by Rail, Air and Road network, which makes it reachable from all the major cities in India.

Berhampur: Past & Present

Berhampur is not only one of the oldest cities in Odisha but it is also one of the largest cities in this region. Berhampur name is given by the British colonialists to the city. Its official is Brahmapur which means "Home of Lord Brahma" which translates into Lord Brahma’s abode. This city once formed a part of the Mauryan dynasty under Emperor Ashoka. The city has been renamed recently as Brahmapur which reflects its Sanskrit influence in the original name.

Informaations on Berhampur

Even though efforts have been taken in order to Indian-ize the name, Berhampur still remains for some unfathomable reason. The city has also been nicknamed as the city of silk. This anglicized form is still used by most people. The nomenclature of the city is justified by the number of temples and religious inclinations of the locals in the current day. Religious tourism here in Berhampur is one of the contributions to the economy of the state. The cultural backdrop of the city which creates the unique experience today is all attributed to its past. This particular city has a perfect blend of modernism with its traditional charm.

Geography and Climate of Berhampur

Berhampur is located in the Ganjam district of Odisha. It is situated 19.32°N Latitude and 84.78°E Longitude. Berhampur is surrounded by vast cultivable plains having mild slope towards Bay of Bengal. These Granite Rock belts in this region form a major source of employment and revenue in this city. Due to the close proximity to Bay of Bengal, the climate of Berhampur is very pleasant and soothing. The maximum summer temperature is mostly 40°C whereas the minimum winter temperature is at 22°C. During the summer season and also during the rainy season, there is high humidity found here. The average temperature in Berhampur varies between 33°C to 38°C. The hottest month of the year here is May whereas December is the coldest month of the year. The River Rushikulya which flows at a distance of 30 kms from Berhampur is also known as the “Ganga” of Ganjam. This river discharges into the Bay of Bengal near the Gopalpur port. This city has a number of big Tanks and Lakes. The average rainfall was recorded to be 1250 mm annually. The duration of rainfall here is for four months in a year which is from July to October.

Art and Culture in Berhampur

Brahmapur counts as one of the oldest cities in Odisha. The culture of Odisha or Orissa has always been prominent in this city since ancient times. Berhampur or Brahmapur is most famous for its silk sarees which are incredibly designed and are known as Brahmapuri Patta. For this reason, Berhampur is also called the Silk City. Apart from this Berhampur is also very famous for Pappads or popadum, Aachar or pickles and also many kinds of Badis.

Art and Culture in Berhampur

Due to the influence of western culture in the recent years western-style dress is has emerged here along with the traditional lifestyle and has gained acceptance among men and women. During occasions traditional dresses like kurta and dhoti are worn by men while women wear sarees or shalwar kameez. Western attires are mostly popular among younger men and women.

Festivals of Berhampur

The major festivals celebrated in Berhampur includes Durga Puja Rath Yatra, Diwali, Gaja Laxmi Puja, Holi, Rakshya Bandhan, Janmastami, Ram Navami, Saraswati Puja, Ganesh Puja and others. These festivals are most commonly celebrated by the people in Orissa or Odisha and even the whole of India. Apart from these some unique festivals celebrated here include Sharad Purnima or Kumara Purnima. Also there is Thakurani Jatara / Yatra which is held every two years in order to honor the main deity of this region which is Thakurani Maa. Sitala Shashti Jatra is another festival celebrated here during the month of June to mark the wedding of Lord Shivaand Goddess Parvati. Even other communities of the city such as Marwaris, Telugus, Punjabis, Gujaratis and Bengalis take part in these celebrations along with their own festivals.

Berhampur Tourism

Tourism in Berhampur is emerging and flourishing because of the scenic beauty in and around the area. There are a number of temples in and around Berhampur to which people come from far off places to worship. This makes the city a true temple town and the most famous religious destination. Some of the famous temples in this region include the Bankeswari, Narayani, Kulada, Mahendragiri, Taratarini Temple, Maa Budhi Thakurani Temple, Buguda Biranchinarayan Temple, Mantridi Siddha Bhairavi Temple and Balkumari Temple . Apart from the temples there are many other tourist spots in Berhampur which attracts people from all around the city.

Berhampur Tourism

For all the beach lovers Berhampur offers a retreat like never before. The sights and beauty of these beaches include much more than the same old sun, surf and sand. Gopalpur beach which is about 16 km from Berhampur is one of the most famous spots near the city. Another one that is Aryapalli Beach is an oasis of ocean spray with endless days of warm breeze. This beach is located 30 km outside of Berhampur. The temples, art and culture, the cuisine and the theater all are unique features in Berhampur which makes it the perfect spot for a vacation.

Shopping in Berhampur

Berhampur is famous for the biggest commercial hub in the state of Orissa. For all the shopaholics, Berhampur will definitely not be a disappointment. Anyone can get all kinds of things from ethinic products to electronic items and many other things. But the best thing to shop for in Berhampur is the beautiful and graceful silk sarees with incredible designs that are known as Berhampuri sarees of Brahmapuri Patta. The shops in Annapurna market, Bada Bazaar and Bhapur Bazaar are the most famous places when it comes to shopping in Berhampur.

Transportation in Berhampur

Berhampur has a very well developed network for transportation as it is the commercial hub of the state of Odisha. It is connected with National Highways NH-5, NH-59 and NH-217. Apart from these there are a number of highways which connects other cities and towns within Odisha. Brahmapur railway station is situated on the East coast railway line which connects two metro cities of India that is Kolkata and Chennai. The railway network is connected to all the major cities around Berhampur and the whole of India. The air network is also well maintained in the city of Berhampur. The nearest Airports to this city are Biju Patnaik Airport and Visakhapatnam Airport. Apart from this, the city also has a well maintained network of water routes. Berhampur is served by two ports, Gopalpur Port and another upcoming port at the Bahuda Mouth. Local transportation in the city includes the three-wheeler autos, taxis, and buses.

Berhampur at a glance

State: Odisha
District: Ganjam.
Languages Spoken: Oriya and English
Altitude: 26 m above sea level
Best Time to Visit: October to June
STD Code: 0680

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