Cuisines of Berhampur

The cuisine of Berhampur is simple buy delicious. The food pattern followed here is almost similar to the food pattern of the neighboring cities of Odisha. The basic food here is rice which is served with vegetables. Although most people in Berhampur are vegetarians due to their religious culture there are many who relish fish and other sea food including prawns, lobsters and crabs which are found in plenty in the coastline. The diet conscious people need not worry when it comes to food in Berhampur as the food here is cooked is very less or no oil at all, which gives it a less calorific value.

Cuisines of Berhampur

The sweet delicacies which are prepared with coconut milk and curd are also quite famous here especially for the sweet tooth. The curd which is available here is much creamy and rich flavored which gives it an additional and unique flavor. Apart from the sea food, yams, pumpkins and brinjals are also very popular in this city. Apart from the seafood, yams, pumpkins and brinjals are used in curd along with mustard seeds which gives the whole preparation a unique flavor. Pithas which are basically small cakes that are both savory and sweet in taste are one of the popular food items in Berhampur. Chhenapodapitha, which is a caramelized custard kind of dessert is also popular among the residents of the city as well as the tourists who visit here.

Traditional Cuisines of Berhampur

The traditional Cuisine of Berhampur is varied and rich which relies mainly on the local ingredients. Even though the flavors are subtle they are delicately spiced which is quite different from the typical fish curries associated with the Indian cuisine. The seafood is very popular here especially when it crabs and shrimps. As majority of the population here are vegetarians and so mutton, chicken and other non-vegetarian items are consumed occasionally.

Taste of Berhampur

The medium of cooking used here is mustard oil but during occasions sometimes ghee is also used. Panch phutana which is a mix of cumin, fennel, mustard, fenugreek and Nigella is used for tempering dals and vegetables while on the other hand, garam masala or curry powder and turmeric are used for non-vegetarian delicacies. The people here in Berhampur are very fond of sweets and no Berhampur repast is considered to be complete without some dessert or sweet delicacies at the end.

Fast food in Berhampur

With the growing number of younger generation in the city, Berhampur is slowly evolving as a hot spot for fast food. These days, one can find a number of fast food centers or joint in Berhampur. A variety of fast food items are available in these restaurants and joints which include everything from Chinese to burgers, toasties, desserts, beverages, etc. These food outlets are most the popular hangout places in Berhampur especially among the youth. In these fast food outlets one can spend some quality time with their friends and families while munching at the same time. Some of the food joints in Berhampur where one can taste fast foods are mentioned below.

Kwality Foods
Address: Kwality Foods, Jayprakash Nagar, Engg. School Road, Berhampur, Odisha – 760010.
Phone: (91)-9437065339

Patro S Pizza & Fast Food Corner
Address: Gosaninua gaon Main Road, Berhampur-Odisha - 760003
Phone: (91)-9861859835, 9437262375

Street food in Berhampur

There is no city in India which does not have its own set of street foods, which are unique and different from that of other states. Berhampur is no exception in this case. The famous ones include Gotai, Khaja, Pani Puri, Chaat, Bhel Puri, Bundia, etc. The street outlets or stalls in Berhampur are flooded with a variety of snacks. One of the most popular street food items in Berhampur which is available around every street corner in potpuri or pani puri. Other street food in Berhampur consists of a variety of snacks and sweets including spices, curd and rice. For those who love eating fast food Berhampur is definitely the right place. The locals and the tourists enjoy these fast food items in great quantity and at affordable rates.

Restaurants in Berhampur

Being amongst the popular tourist destinations in Odisha, Berhampur caters to all kinds of meals for both the vegetarians as well as the non vegetarians at the restaurants. All variety of food items are available in this beautiful city from traditional food items to popular fast food items which both the residents as well as the tourists can relish. Restaurants in Berhampur are quite hygienic and offer all kinds of tasty food to the locals and the visitors here. It is not possible for the tourists to resist the mouth watering and sensational delicacies found here. When it comes to Berhampur definitely would not be a disappointment to anyone.

Restaurants in Berhampur

Kiran Bhavan Restaurant
Address: City High School Road, Berhampur H O, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-680-2251828

Moti Restaurant
Address: Gandhi Nagar, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-680-2225386, 2223641, 2223398, (91)-680-2223487

Royal Indian Restaurant
Address: Gajapati Square, near Giri Market, Berhampur H O, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-9861051788

Sweets of Berhampur

Berhampur has a number of sweet shops that sell a variety of popular sweet delicacies. People enjoy rasmalai which is easily available in every food outlet as it is the most popular sweet delicacy of not only Berhampur but the whole state of Odisha. Apart from Rasmalai, Arisa pitha and Chitau pitha are some of the other famous sweet dishes found here. Chhena Jalebi is another sweet delicacy that is made with chhena which are then deep fried and soaked in sugary syrup. When it come to sweet delicacies, Berhampur definitely would not disappoint anyone especially the sweet tooth people.

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