Geography of Berhampur


Berhampur is an important city in the state of Odisha . It’s name has been recently changed to Brahmapur. It is one of the most ancient cities in the state of Odisha and is also the largest city in the state. Geographically It lies in the east coast line of Odisha and coordinates at 19.32°N Latitude and 84.78°E Longitude. It is elevated to a height of 27 meters or 88 feet above the average sea level. Berhampur has an area of 86.82 square kilometers.

Climate of Berhampur

Berhampur is a city which is located in near the sea coast in the state of Odisha. It is famous for its incredible beaches and villas. The summers are quite hot with the winters being a bit cold due to the tropical climate of Berhampur. The maximum temperature from March to June that is during the summer can be up to 45°C. The monsoon season lasts from July till September. October to January that is during the winter months there is maximum number of tourists visiting this place as this time is considered to be the best time to visit this place. It is also convenient to travel during this time as the tourists do not have to carry heavy gears or jackets around them.

Topography of Berhampur

Berhampur city is bounded by Ganjam District in the State of Odisha. Large number of cultivable plains surrounds this region. The whole plain is bounded in the West and the North by a range of hillocks which contain Granite rocks. The Granite rock belts are a major source of employment and revenue in this region. These plains have a mild slope towards the Bay of Bengal. Berhampur is elevated at an altitude of 24 meters above the average sea level. The topographical, geo-physical features and the climate of the city offer great potential for expansion and development.

Soil Texture of Berhampur

Due to the tropical climate and the rainfall which last for four months in a year, the soil condition found in this region is clayey except for in some places where rocky beds and hard soil are also found. The soil found here is also very fertile in nature which is an asset to the agricultural production and helps in the cultivation of crops in this region.

Rivers in Berhampur

The region of Berhampur is nourished by three main rivers in Odisha. The river River Rushikulya flows about 30 km far from the city and drains into Bay of Bengar which is near the Gopalpur port. This river is called the Ganga of Ganjam District as it is main source of water here. The river Mahanadi flows in the east through the dense forest. Thr river Bahuda flows along the Sonepur beach on the Odisha–Andhra Pradesh border. Theses rivers have been an important part of the life of the people here as the majority of the population depends on agriculture. The farmers make use of the river water for the purpose of irrigation. The rivers also provide livelihood for the fishermen living in this region.

Berhampur At a Glance

Country : India
State : Odisha
District : Ganjam
Altitude: 88 feet above sea level
Climate : Tropical Climate
Precipitation : 937 millimetres (36.9 in)
Avg. annual temperature : 24°C
Avg. summer temperature : 28°C
Avg. winter temperature : 16°C

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