Healthcare Services in Berhampur

Berhampur which is a major commercial hub in Odisha has all the possible healthcare facilities available for the people residing in the city. The healthcare facilities available include hospitals, pathlabs, chemist stores and more. Various government and private hospitals and other healthcare facilities are available not only for the people residing in Berhampur but also for the people residing in the nearby villages and towns. Patients suffering from any kind of ailments gets necessary treatment from the healthcare centers and hospitals in this city.

Healthcare in Berhampur

Hospitals in Berhampur

Berhampur has a number of hospitals owned and run by the government. These Government hospitals provide good treatment and all the necessary healthcare services for free or at very reasonable or affordable cost. All the basic facilities for the treatment of all kinds of diseases are available in these hospitals. MKCG Medical college and Hospital is one of the largest government run hospital in Berhampur city. It is a hospital as well as a medical college which provides education for those who would like to pursue medicine as their career.

City Hospital
Address: Gate Bazaar, Berhampur, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (0680) 2221686

Red Cross Hospital For Women And Children
Address: S.N.T road, Berhampur H O, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-680-2203827

Brahmapur Sishubhavan (Child Specialist)
Address: New Bus Stand Road, [Near Payal Hall & Lipimaya Press], In Front Of Postal Dispensary, Berhampur H O, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-9437109099, 9040000009, (91)-680-6540654

Appollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd
Address: S.N.T. Road, Berhampur H O, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-680-2205259

Neelachala Hospital
Address: Near Nandighosh Apartment, Kamapalli to Golundi Road, Berhampur-Odisha - 760004
Phone: (91)-9438251721, 9437109041

Jasodhara Life Hospital & Maternity Center
Address: Haridakhandi Square, Aska Road, Berhampur, Berhampur-Odisha - 760006
Phone: (91)-9437016179, (91)-680-2270950, 3290859

Ecos Eye Hospital
Address: Near Railway Station, 3rd Tota Street, Bijipur, Berhampur Rs, Berhampur-Odisha - 760005
Phone: (91)-9438769535, 9438769963, (91)-680-2115260

Apart from the affordable government hospitals in Berhampur, there are also many private hospitals located here. For patients who belong to the middle and upper class with comparatively more spending power prefer these private hospitals for treatment in the city. Berhampur nursing home is one of the many privately owned hospitals in Berhampur. This hospital offers a number of specialized treatments which are also world-class.

Chemist Shops in Berhampur

Chemist Shops in BerhampurFurthermore to the hospitals in Berhampur, there are also a number of reputed medical stores in the city. These medical stores sell branded and genuine medicines. Many of the medical stores in Berhampur are located near the hospitals and residential areas which is convenient for the general public in the city. As these medical shops are located nearby, they can are easily approachable especially in times of emergency or urgency. Apart from selling of medicines and other medical equipments some of the medical stores offer in-house doctor, 24 hours service and home delivery services to the patients. Besides the regular medicines, many other medical equipments and products like surgical items, vitamins, ayurvedic medicines, cosmetics, injections, syringes, items of daily need, first aid items, etc are also available in many of the medical stores.

Apollo Pharmacy
Address: 22, Prem Nagar Main Road, Berhampur H O, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-680-2260259

Krushna Chandra Medical Store
Address: Courtpeta Square, Berhampur, Berhampur-Odisha - 760004
Phone: (91)-680-2209909

Aastha Medicine Store
Address: Near UTI ATM Counter, Bhaba Nagar Square, New Bus Stand Road, Berhampur City, Berhampur-Odisha - 760002
Phone: (91)-9861167080

Maa Mangala Medicals
Address: Gollapalli Street, Gate bazaar, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-9040329234, 9861273631

Swaraj Medical Store
Address: Berhampur, Ganjam, Town Hall Road, Berhampur H O, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-680-2226753

Chandralok Medical Store
Address: In front Of City Hospital, Main Road, Berhampur H O, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-9861284621

Geetika Medical Store
Address: In Front Of Rushikulya Bank, Gate bazaar, Main Road, Berhampur H O, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-9338461930

Path Labs in Berhampur

Pathology labs are used for the diagnosis of any disease based on the laboratory analysis of the bodily fluids such using the various tools of chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and molecular pathology. In the recent years various pathology labshave come up in almost every city of India and Berhampur is no exception. There are also many blood banks in Berhampur, which are well equipped and provide blood to the patients in need.

Diagnostic centers in Berhampur

Thyrocare Aarogyam Centre
Address: Near Hotel Moti, Main Road, Gandhinagar, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-9861249850, 9337166778, (91)-680-2222863, (91)-22-27622762, 41252525, 30903090

Dr Lal Path Labs
Address: Near Petrol Pump, New Bus Stand Road, Berhampur, Berhampur-Odisha - 760004
Phone: (91)-9861114447, 9938963803

Sahara Diagnostics
Address: Couripeta Square, Berhampur City, Berhampur-Odisha - 760002
Phone: (91)-680-283838

Anand Medical Diagnostic & Research Center
Address: In front Of Gajapati Nagar, Engineering School Road, Berhampur-Odisha
Phone: (91)-9431871802

Maa Mangala Clinic
Address: Gollapalli Street, Gatebazaar, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-9040329234

Life Line Diagnostic Centre
Address: Near Gandhi Nagar, Main Road, Berhampur H O, Berhampur-Odisha - 760001
Phone: (91)-9337385268, (91)-680-2225224

Berhampur being a modern and commercial city has well equipped health care facilities. Availability of healthcare facilities are a major contribution for the significant growth of the city in recent times. Also there are a number of dental clinics, eye specialist and general doctors in Berhampur that carry out specific medical services for the people. Priority is given to the issue of health care and sanitary by the administration in Berhampur. Most of the nursing homes and hospitals have their own ambulance service. These hospitals take care of the health of the people residing in the city and also those visiting the city which becomes a contributing factor to the good health of population in Berhampur.

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